In addition to my skills as a team leader and creative director, at heart I’m a writer, wordsmith and storyteller. Here are a few samples of my work:


NIAGARA’S FURY - pre-show script for Niagara Falls educational attraction

MEN IN BLACK: ALIEN ATTACK - treatment and script for interactive ride at Universal Studios Florida

BATMAN - flight-simulator pre-show at Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid, Spain

TOYMAKER 3000 - script for automation & robotics exhibit at Chicago Museum of Science and Industry


MUNCHKIN, P.I. - feature script for a family comedy/fantasy inspired by film noir & the Wizard of Oz

KIRE: FREELANCE KNIGHT FOR HIRE - pilot episode for heroic/slapstick animated fantasy series

MONSTER MOVIE MARATHON - feature script for a comedy adventure inspired by classic B-movies

SNOW ANGELS - feature script for a quirky, uplifting, holiday-themed, feel-good comedy/drama


BEHIND THE THEMES - three articles originally published in the TEA’s “Behind the Themes” magazine

THEME PARK INSIDER - a Q&A session with fans of “Men In Black: Alien Attack”

THEME PARK INSIDER - a Q&A session about Thinkwell Design & Production

THEA AWARDS - blogger for THEA Awards coverage of the “Flynn Lives” ARG from TRON: LEGACY

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